The membership of the Society shall consists of the following categories

Ordinary Membership

Ordinary membership shall be open primarily to all fully registered private medical practitioners residing or practicing in the state of Penang. Ordinary members who subsequently cease to fulfill the above requirements shall automatically be transferred to the associate membership list.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership may be conferred by the Society on members of the medical profession who have distinguished themselves by some meritorious and outstanding service in the field of Medicine or have brought credit to the medical profession by virtue of their contribution to the community or the nation.

Life Membership

Any registered private practitioner residing or practicing in the state of Penang and those who are already members of the Society , may apply to join the Society as a life member by payment of a sum not less than 10 times the annual subscription fee, and shall have the right to vote, or to hold office of the Association.

Associate Memberships

Associate membership may be conferred by the Society at the discretion of the Committee to doctors who are:

a) Neither practicing nor residing in Penang or
b) Not private practitioners

Absent Membership

Ordinary and Associate members who intend to leave Malaysia for a period of more than a calendar year may apply to be placed on the absent members list, provided that all the dues have been paid.

Senior Membership

Ordinary/Associate members who have been members for at least 5 years and have reached the age of 65 years shall be placed on the Senior Membership list.

Honorary and Associate members shall not be eligible to vote at any meeting or hold any office in the society.

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